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    Obsessed with Design? These Architect-Designed Soap Bars Will Make Sense to You

    Architect-Designed handmade Soap Bars


    Delight in these architect-inspired and designed soaps for the ultimate in design curation!


    An elusive, Thailand-based architect is setting instagram ablaze with an outstanding collection of handcrafted soaps that are eye-catching and exquisitely crafted.

    T&B Soaphouse?is tantalizing social media with their expansive portfolio of beautiful luxury soaps that would not look out of place in any of the world leading hotels, palaces or penthouses.

    Architect-Designed handmade Soap Bars 2 Architect-Designed handmade Soap Bars 3 Architect-Designed handmade Soap Bars 4

    Architect-Designed handmade Soap Bars 5 Architect-Designed handmade Soap Bars 6

    These expertly engineered designs clearly reflect their creator’s architectural design bent, including geometric shapes, textures and gilt finishes that take soap making to the next level.?The attention to detail is exceptional with?dried flowers and crisp luxuriant packaging with each soap. The designer who, as?of now is letting their product speak for them operates out of a workshop based?in Ayutthaya, Thailand. We are sure that these gorgeous soaps smell as good as they look! Add these to your wishlist by viewing the?collections on their instagram page: @T&Bsoaphouse

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      These soaps are too pretty to use though! They sure are amazing!

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